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Earn money from every sale you generate for WineTwits Deals. You can earn up to 5% commission on all the sales you generate.  You can even earn commission on sales generated by your leads for up to 365 days after their first visit to our site!

We have partnered with the HappyHours Network ( as our Affiliate Service Provider. HappyHours provides our affiliates with one simple interface to check all sales statistics on a real-time basis. WineTwits Deals affiliates also have access to monthly statements and reports that detail impressions, click-throughs, sales, and commissions that have been generated for WineTwits Deals. When your commissions exceed $50, they will mail you a check or deposit money to your bank or PayPal account. There's no fee to sign up and it only takes a few minutes before you can start generating revenue. 

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All you have to do is place a text link or banner on your website or send out an email to your mailing list promoting WineTwits Deal, linking back using your unique network partner ID code and we will pay you up to 5% commission on all sales generated from your site. 

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  • TO MAKE MONEY. WineTwits Deals has a TOTALLY UNIQUE offering of great wine products which give you the best RETURN on your valuable website real estate, in other words, wines that will MAKE YOU MONEY! We know what you are thinking - there are hundreds of "wine" websites out there, what makes WineTwits Deals wines unique?
We sell one great wine at a time until it's sold out.  Our prices are 30% to 80% off regular prices. What this means is that our site creates an exciting wine buying experience which promotes frequent buying.  Our wines are GOOD WINES that you'll find in local offline retail stores, but never at these prices. They are great offers (most of the time one of a kind) and highly sought after by wine afficionados everywhere. 
  • We offer up to 5% commissions to our affiliate members. Our average sale is $60, so when you do the math, on average you could earn almost $3.00 per sale.  Even better, you can keep on earning commissions for months each time your lead makes a purchase at WineTwits Deals.
  • It's easy and it is completely FREE! All you have to do is place a text link or banner on your website promoting WineTwits Deals and we will pay you on all sales generated from your site as outlined. We'll provide you with the banners and links to our site, so you can begin generating commissions immediately! 

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